Together We Take Our Youth to the Next Level!

Technology, strategy, and community were all on display at Chess & Community‘s second robotic competition. On Tuesday, the nonprofit organization collaborated with Clarke County School District to provide kids with a series of robotic challenges at the Athens Community Career Academy. Seven groups competed in assembling a chessboard using a robot, directing a robot through a maze, and more. Lemuel “Life” LaRoche, […]

8th Annual Conference

This year Chess and Community held its 8th annual conference, a day-long affair that brings together local officials, public speakers, and our Athens youth to engage in several activities. The main event is the youth chess tournament, for which C&C youth prepare diligently. Teams are arranged in pairs, threes, or brave solo players. In addition, […]

The Game of Life

Lemuel “Life” LaRoche learned how to play chess from the men he calls “the elders.” They spent their days in New York City’s parks challenging passersby to games. Not even curious kids were immune to the intrigue. LaRoche won a few—lost a lot more—but the memories and the lessons he took away from those games guide […]

Check out what’s happening in the community.

The program will support STEM education for Clarke County students The University of Georgia and the local nonprofit Chess & Community have launched a new partnership that uses robotics to enhance STEM education opportunities for promising Clarke County students. Over the next three years, the university will provide financial assistance and on-campus space to support Pawn […]