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289 Children
Giving our youth the technical skills critical to their success.

20+ years on the frontline of underserved youth development. Despite the pandemic we are still giving. 

Opportunity for a Successful Future

We make learning advanced technologies accessible and fun for children experiencing challenges. As our supporters you are giving them the opportunity to be a factor in a rapidly emerging future.



Assist children on the waiting list to attend the accelerator program

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Pay the program tuition for one child for an entire year

Soft Skill Engagement

Robotics Introduction & Assembly

3D Printing Fabrication

Drone Aeronautics

Business and Branding 101

Robotic Competition



Deploy pawn accelerator in 5 cities with up to 72 children for 2 semesters

Program Director/ Team

Program Coordinator

48 Robomaster EP Core Units

12 3D Printers

48 Drones

Materials / Transportation / Prizes

We designed a completely innovative system to empower our youth.

This is a cutting edge vision made manifest. It involves the most relevant technologies and applications for the present and the future.

Design, construction, operation, and application of robotics featuring the latest DJI Robomaster technology.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality exposure and operation with the Oculus Quest 2.

One-off additive manufacturing and functional CAD design with Solidworks Kids and Makerbot. 

Machine learning and dataset management (coming soon).

Soft Skills

We teach children how to communicate in a modern world while avoiding frustration and misconceptions

Financial Independence

With the emergence of UBI and stimulus reliance we are creating child sustainability through skill implementation

Growth and Acceleration

A fertile environment for creativity and recognition; stem kids excel because they are given opportunity

Cutting edge equipment and applications.

Our working partnership and integration with NESBI and DJI allow us to bring modern real innovations that the best train on. 


Empowering the Community

Our mission is to acquire advance technologies and training for the growth of our forgotten youth. Funding this project empowers others to expand and be a factor in the future and in the now. It ensures more children in our inner cities gain access to top level skills and mentors that also focus on the heart.